What’s New


SESATS XIII contains 400 questions. All 400 questions are new, and critiques and illustrative material have been expanded. Abstracts for all references are provided, which can be selected, archived, and shared via email. Journal article references include links to PubMed, and some questions contain complete imaging studies (eg. CT, echocardiogram, ECG).


SESATS XIII integrates a variety of information types, and requires a continuously active internet connection. As in previous computerized editions, an individual question with its media elements is presented for consideration and an initial answer is chosen. The critique and supplemental information is then presented, and the question must be answered again (correctly) before the exam moves to the next question. When all questions have been answered, a survey questionnaire is required and the user must enter the number of CME hours requested. After all questions and the survey are submitted, the user has access to search and review all question content for review and further study.


A multiscreen tutorial on SESATS XIII and a set of 10 trial/demonstration questions are available free at sesats13.sesats.org. Access to the entire examination and CME credit requires a unique username and password. The user’s credentials are recorded and synchronized at each login and progress is accurately maintained across sessions and across devices. Users are prohibited from sharing, distributing, or reproducing SESATS content and materials.

Online Answer Logging

Continuous connection to the internet is required to work through SESATS XIII. Responses and time spent studying are transmitted for each question. Only minimal data loss can occur if a computer or connection problem arises. When the examination is complete, the examinee is prompted to complete a short CME survey. After completion of SESATS XIII and the survey, the option to search and review questions becomes available from the Main Page. The newly designed search allows users to search the complete exam or by question topic using free text input. Another new option is to review the questions sequentially within sections. You can choose to review all questions or only those answered incorrectly the first time. All critique and reference information is available and can be navigated freely. Confirmation and final CME certification documents are provided via email.

Internet Support

A short tutorial and a set of demonstration questions are available at sesats13.sesats.org. The Help page in the SESATS 13 program provides additional assistance.

SESATS is a web-based application, and therefore does not have specific OS requirements. It does, however, have certain browser requirements. The ABTS does not recommend using Internet Explorer. We have tested the most popular browsers and most recent versions:

  • Google Chrome – the most recent version is recommended
  • Edge – the most recent version is recommended
  • Safari – the most recent version recommended
  • Firefox – the most recent version recommended

The new platform for SESATS XIII (13) is coded with generic HTML5 tools. As with previous versions, an active internet connection is required, and computers, tablets, and smartphones can access the material and display of graphics. We recommend that you use a PC (rather than a tablet or phone) and ensure that your browser (ie. Google Chrome is recommended) version is up-to-date. Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and iOS, Android, Chrome, and Linux platforms have all successfully rendered the content. The optimal resolution for display and interaction is 1024×768 or greater.


Successful completion of SESATS XIII (13) for CME credit requires answering a brief set of evaluation questions after all 400 test questions have been answered. Examinees are encouraged to submit feedback at any time via email to feedback@sesats.org. An online feedback form is also available at http://www.sesats.org/feedback.