Purchase SESATS XIII (13)

To order SESATS, you will use your SESATS username and password. If you have previously purchased SESATS but have forgotten your SESATS username and/or password, click here for a login reminder.

New to SESATS? If you have not purchased SESATS in the past, visit the Registration Application to create a SESATS account. You will be provided with a SESATS username and password.

Newest version:

Purchase SESATS XIII (13) here: https://secure2.sesats.com/sesats/order.cfm

  • SESATS 13 is available for purchase by credit card (Mastercard and Visa) with immediate access upon purchase.
  • ABTS coupon code holders (eg. current residents) can order SESATS XIII by visiting https://secure2.sesats.com/sesats/order.cfm.
  • Please note that once you purchase SESATS the product cannot be returned.

Note for MOC applicants: If you are purchasing SESATS to satisfy your ABTS Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirement, please ensure that you order the correct version (SESATS 13). If you have inquiries, please contact the ABTS office at 312-202-5900 or continuinged@abts.org.