This 12th edition of SESATS continues the tradition of being a completely online version and
is available on any internet-accessible device.  SESATS 12 features over 250 multimedia
elements to augment the 400 questions and critiques.  It offers real-time delivery of
abstracts and access to the full text of most of the references.  This assembly of topical
information is meant to offer students of thoracic surgery a rich opportunity for study during
the examination and it becomes a reference after completion.  This platform opens the
learning opportunity to a worldwide audience.  As in the past, SESATS seeks to offer a
balanced sampling of advancing knowledge in all areas of cardiac and thoracic surgery.

My special thanks go to Dr. David A. Campbell, whose many contributions as Editor-in-Chief
helped to make SESATS the valuable learning platform that it is. We are also very indebted
to Dr. Chadrick Denlinger for his contribution as the Co-editor-in-Chief.

The ABTS would also like to acknowledge and thank the following SESATS Section Editors,
who spent a considerable amount of their own time preparing and reviewing the content in
this version: Drs. T. Sloane Guy, Gorav Ailawadi, and Vinod H. Thourani (Adult Cardiac);
Drs. Robert Shen, Subroto Paul, and Michael Weyant (General Thoracic), Drs. Jennifer
Romano and Peter Manning (Congenital Cardiac); and Dr. Stephanie Mick (Critical Care).
The Board is also indebted to the 100+ question writers who without their commitment to
thoracic surgery education SESATS 12 would not have been possible. Lastly, I would like
to thank Dr. Cameron Wright (ABTS Chair) and the ABTS Board of Directors who provided
invaluable leadership and guidance on this project.

SESATS content remains integral to the evolution of Maintenance of Certification within our
specialty.  The examination format is meant to prompt thoughtful consideration of topics and
to offer additional information and perspective in the critiques.  The online links to primary
source material provide a genuine, evidence-based reference study opportunity.  The
transformation of the test with several search tools in “Review Mode” allows restudy of
questions answered incorrectly and adds enduring value to this edition as a review tool.

Lastly, my personal thanks go to the development team at Meta Ingenuity (Rob Oberteuffer)
and Echo 360 (Scott Hundley, Torsten Koehler), who met the challenges of making
SESATS 12 compatible on the various mobile platforms. Pat Watson and Sarah Dunlap at
the American Board of Thoracic Surgery provided invaluable effort with oversight, input and
proofing.  Patty Linton and Tracy Allgier-Baker in the CME office of Penn State Hershey
Medical Center continue to oversee CME-related issues.  It has been my great good fortune
to enjoy the help of these people.

David A. Fullerton, M.D.
American Board of Thoracic Surgery
Executive Director