About SESATS 12

Self-Education Self Assessment in Thoracic Surgery (SESATS) 12is a self-study and examination, published by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, intended to be used by thoracic surgeons as a comprehensive computer-based tool to study and review essential aspects of cardiac and thoracic surgery. Completion of the study process and examination is expected to require approximately 70 hours on the part of the physician. Participants must successfully complete the entire SESATS 12 activity to receive CME credit. The physician is required to report the actual time of participation in the activity. The computer program tracks responses and time spent on review and completion of self-study sessions. This information, analyzed in the summary performance report, influences the CME hours that can be awarded.

To complete this activity and receive credit, the participant should:

  • Read the learning objectives.
  • Study and complete the entire SESATS 12  exercise, including the questions, critiques and accompanying graphics and references.
  • Complete the evaluation form and submit all data electronically.

This activity will no longer be designated for credit after September 30, 2020.

A CME certificate will normally be sent via email within 2 weeks of receipt of records indicating completion of the entire SESATS 12 activity.

For questions regarding CME credit or the evaluation, please call Penn State Continuing Education at (717) 531-6483 or e-mail ContinuingEd@pennstatehealth.psu.edu. Please reference activity code G6200-18- T.